Jumat, 25 November 2011

Indonesia u-23 vs Malaysa u-23

Tonight is date 22/11/2011, i want tell about final sea games football sport fighting Malaysia. That night, sunday night. Me and friends planned want watching together in bugi cafe. After i bathing and eating, i direct goto bugi cafe with myfiend. After to in bugi cafe, i direct gather with friends.Some minutes, we wait match Indonesia vs Malaysia, finally match will to start. Match running with a high tempo. Both team, some lauched a malicious attack and finally Indonesia superior 1-0 win over Malaysia on the header hard Guanawan Cahya Widodo. Not long after, Malaysia equalized be 1-1. Match must finishing with penalty shoot out. Indonesia also must recognize defeat of Malaysia. Indonesia also must allow gold, which should taken of Malaysia. Time is shown at 12 am, until it meets another, bye bye....

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